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Working at Poppels

We want to make great beer, which goes well with good food and which you share with your friends. Become a part of our journey!

Mankind shall love beer!

At Poppels, we have a humble vision both internally and externally: Mankind shall love beer!

In order for this vision to be fulfilled, it is important that we have a creative and passionate workplace. That our employees should thrive and be able to feel appreciated, is the very basis for achieving our goals.

We want more fun and want to give you the opportunity to shape your career with us at Poppels!

/Mats, CEO

The Workplace

To make create great beer and food, all parts of the company is needed. Regardless of whether you work with with brewing, administration, restaurant or something else, you are just as highly valued and a important to make our everything work. This should always be reflected in the culture and feeling of the workplace when you step into the job.

Booom! We are growing

We are one workplace, but with different locations and professions. Our main production, office and restaurant is today located in Jonsered. Surrounded ny nature, we work in a beautiful old textile factory, 11 minutes by train from Gothenburg Central.

But right now we are also in full swing with the construction of our next project. Poppels Citybryggeri. This beer&food institution will open in August 2021. It wil lcombine a modern and very interesting brewery with a restaurant and bar that will reflect our love of beer and food.

What's your job here at Poppels?

I am the head chef in the restaurant Poppels Öl&Mat. That means I set the menu, take care of orders, staff and all main responsibilities in the day to day running of the kitchen.

Linnea Scheffel
Restaurant & Event

I work as a content manager in the marketing department. In my work I handle all our digital communication campaigns, create and follow up content, and a lot more. 

Anders Storm

My job is to make sure that production is on track and that we keep evolving as a brewery. That includes making recipes and develop products, optimizing processes and taking part of the management team.

Daniel Granath

Job openings

Diversity is a strength

Languages spoken
Different nationalities
Number of employees

Our locations

Poppels Bryggeri

Fabriksstråket 11
433 76 Jonsered

Poppels Citybryggeri

Vikingsgatan 1
411 04 Göteborg

Poppels Öl&Mat

Kanalstråket 5
433 76 Jonsered

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