We believe in organic craftsmanship. Our simple philosophy is based on knowledge, curiosity and passion. It’s a constantly evolving journey and we want you to join us! We strive to deliver maximum taste with minimal environmental impact. It’s our steadfast commitment to using organic materials and sustainable environmental practices that are kinder to our planet that have made us Sweden’s largest organic brewery.

It is always craftsmanship & always organic thanks to our dedicated beer master & staff.

Curious with eyes on the prize, we are consistently looking for the new flavor profiles for new experiences. That is why we pride & push the Poppel’s range towards new flourishing heights on a daily basis.

Whether they be experimental endeavours or exciting collaborations, each one of these brews are available in a limited amount so – when it’s over, it’s over! Happily though, in some cases these unique notes will return as one of our standard beers.

Available for bars & restaurants in limited batches through exclusive partnerships. See the contact section for more information.