Well, surly that answer varies from person to person, but to answer that long in short, we feel that brewing a superb beer comes down to knowledge & practice. At Poppels we work with industry-seasoned Brew Masters who are in constant development mode for new & exciting beers. That said, they are picky & will always brew a beer several times until we are all 100% satisfied.

Although we are curious & constantly looking for new & advanced tastes, we are mindful of what ingredients to use. Our malt & hops are tested & selected according to quality & season, as well, we maintain a watchful eye on oversaturated markets. Origin is also important, so we work with classical hops producing countries like England & Germany, but also use new world hops from countries like Australia and New Zealand. Different yeasts are matched separately to each beer & new, exciting ingredients & spices are tested continuously!

Our small-scale production method allows us to have complete control throughout every stage of the brewing. At the same time, we have a modern rectification tower & craft stills that guarantee high & even quality. We are mindful of all the details, even down to choosing acidabsorbing capsules that keep our beer even fresher once they are in the bottles.
At Poppels we think as much about our own beer as we do others. We believe every beer must be balanced & faithful to its style, but also hold to that it will add something new to that style. There are always at least 10 thoughts about how the beer would to be consumed, whether it be in-front of a fire or beside a special dish.

In the end, we believe good beer will always be characterized by knowledge, curiosity & love. Brewing & tasting beer is a passionate trip, follow us won’t you!